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Donnelly Crusade PDX Tubular Cyclocross Tire

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In Portland, Oregon, which gives this tire the "PDX" name, cyclocross conditions are epic, with frequent rain and mud. These types of conditions require a tubular tire that stands up to all-terrain, but with a particular love for wet mud. Fast-rolling center knobs keep you moving, while super cornering comes from the aggressive side knobs. 

Top-rated cyclocross tubular tire

Donnelly has delivered a tubular cyclocross tire that scored 4.5 out of 5 stars in Bike Radar's testing: "The PDX is up there with the best tubular mud tires in terms of performance, plus it’s very durable and ready to mount right out of the box.”

Sealed sidewalls

The Donnelly PDX cyclocross tubular features rubber-coated sidewalls for enhanced durability over traditional tubulars, preventing deterioration from water, mud, and dirt. There is no additional sidewall coating needed. 

  • Soft rubber compound for extra shock absorption and grip
  • Claimed 378 grams
  • 700 x 33

Donnelly's high-quality manufacturing yields tubular tires that are much easier to install compared with other brands. The tire and tread are straight, and the base tape is consistent, resulting in a surface that is easy to glue/tape. 

TECH NOTE: this is a tubular bicycle tire (also called a "sew-up".) It must be glued or taped onto a tubular rim for safe use. It will not work on a traditional clincher wheel/rim. Proper setup is essential for your safety - if you are not qualified to install tubular tires, please seek expert guidance first.


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