Challenge Grifo Team Edition "S" Cyclocross Tubular Tire



The Grifo Team Edition "S" tubular tire offers the classic do-it-all Grifo tread pattern mated to Challenge's handmade T.E. "Team Edition" casing. Tricked out with flashy white sidewalls, "S" label (soft, supple, sealed) and red "Team Edition" text. 

  • 700x33
  • 320 TPI for a supple feel with incredible grip
  • PPS puncture protection
  • claimed 405 grams

Pro riders get equipment free and can afford to have multiple tubular wheel/tire combos for grass, mud, dry, asphalt, etc. to suit the day's conditions - a luxury those of us who pay for tires cannot afford! A Grifo tubular feature an all-around tread pattern that works well on many surfaces - providing a single setup you can use with confidence in almost any race conditions. If you can only have one tubular tire/wheel setup, make it a general-use tread pattern like the Grifo. 

    TECH NOTE: this is a tubular bicycle tire with a captive (stitched-in) latex inner tube (also called a "sew-up".) It must be glued or taped onto a tubular rim for safe use. It will not work on a traditional clincher wheel/rim. Proper setup is essential for your safety - if you are not qualified to install tubular tires, please seek expert guidance first. 

    Vendor: Challenge

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    Kevin Mallory
    Challenge TE

    Worth the xtra $ - I have been a challenge fan for years. However, I would go through at least two sets a season - primarily do to sidewall breakdown. The TE - with coated sidewalls will last 1.5 to 2.0 seasons - worth every incremental dollar.

    Thanks for the comments Kevin and I really appreciate your business.