Collection: YBN (Yaban) bicycle chains

Although YBN (Yaban) is new to the United States, the brand is over 30 years old, with decades of experience manufacturing bicycle chains, as well as automotive and motorcycle chains. Today they produce more than 20 milllion chains annually.

YBN rose to prominence largely thanks to their high-performance chain coatings and low-friction test results; especially their ability to take chain wax like Molten Speed Wax or Silca Super Secret. While traditional drip lubricants work just fine on YBN chains, riders who prefer to wax will find YBN's chains to work great with wax as well, yielding the lowest-possible friction and clean running drivetrain possible.

The SLA line (superior lubricating aid) is the high-end option for discerning racers, with a Telfon coating acting as an extra layer of protection and hollow chain pins for additional weight savings, while the S11 and S12 use traditional solid chain pins for more durability for high-mileage training.

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