Arundel Shop Inflator for air compressors (Presta)

Arundel Bicycle Company


Arundel's Shop Inflator plugs into standard 1/4" I/M pneumatic lines to turn an air compressor into a powerful tool for working on bicycle tires and tubes. In addition to helping seat stubborn tubeless tires, an air compressor plus an Inflator tool can also handle all your day-to-day bicycle tire and tube inflation needs. 

Arundel has created a beautiful, well-constructed tool that will provide you with many years of reliable service.

  • Presta valve only
  • 2" pressure gauge
  • Includes Arundel's Woodsman Pump head with a replaceable grommet
  • Standard 1/4" I/M fitting

Hand-held, trigger operated

Arundel's Inflator can easily be operated with one hand, leaving the other free to hold the bike or wheel (or grab a snack.) The trigger operation allows you to easily shoot just the right amount of compressed air into the valve.

Large, easy to read 2" PSI gauge 

The included gauge is 2" wide and features black and red text on a white background, so it's easy to read in the garage. The gauge reads up to 160 PSI / 11 BAR. For the best possible accuracy, the gauge reads the tire pressure (not the pressure in the air compressor line).

Fits standard air compressor lines

The Arundel Shop Inflator uses a standard 1/4" I/M connector, which means you can easily swap it on-the-fly with other air tools you may own to get the most out of your compressor. The 1/4" I/M connector standard is commonly used on pneumatic lines, fittings, and air-powered tools.

This is a presta-valve only tool. If you need to inflate Schrader valves, please see the Arundel Shop Inflator (Schrader) version.

Still shopping for an air compressor? Please see my shopping guide, the best air compressor for tubeless bicycle tires

Note: Pneumatic line (blue hose in the photo) is not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kevan Edwards

Glad I followed the recommendations given by RideCX and glad I made the purchase! Arundel stuff is always solid. I don't know why it took me so many years of wrestling with tubeless tire inflation before I invested in a compressor and a reliable inflator.

Thanks Kevan, glad to hear that this is working out well.

All good!!!

You can spend more for blue but this does the job.

Keith H
Solid Shop Gauge

Works as advertised, and seems quite a bit more durable than most other shop gauges. Spent about a week reading reviews before buying this model. All metal, so no plastic bits to break like other manufacturer's. The bleeder button is nice for dialing in your PSI.

Gary Angerhofer
Performs as advertised

I bought this to assist installing 700 by 32 tubeless tires on my groad bike. (I was not able to get them to seat using methods that look so easy on websites for tubeless tires.) Using the recommended fitting I connected the presta inflator to the hose from my air compressor. Charged the compressor to 140 psi or so. Heard the lovely pop pop pop sound of the tires fitting into the wheel. I did have to use an inner tube for one recalcitrant tire. But removed the tube after the tire seated. I installed sealant through the valve after seating the tires. No more floor pumps for me when installing tubeless tires. I will be swapping out knobby and smooth tires more frequently now. I use a 2 gallon capacity air compressor that has a maximum of 150 psi. Got it at Lowe's.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Gary! Happy to hear about your great results.

D. Ryan

This shop inflator rocks and Ride CX is top notch. Couldn’t be happier 😊

Thanks so much for the feedback. Glad to hear it is working out well.