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Wend Wax-on Chain Wax

Wend Wax-on Chain Wax

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Wax-on from Wend Wax is the first ever chain lube that you simply rub on to your chain. It includes all the benefits of waxing like a very clean, quiet drivetrain, low friction, and high efficiency, without the mess.

Incredibly easy to use - no need to boil water or melt wax, simply roll it onto the chain, sort of like a stick of deodorant. This means it's easy and simple to experiment with chain waxing. 

  • Paraffin-based formula plus proprietary friction reducers like Zinc and Teflon
  • Made in the USA

How to use Wend Wax-on

  1. Clean the chain using Wend Wax-off (or your preferred cleaning product/method)
  2. Turn the dispenser to expose the wax
  3. Apply to the inner and outer rollers by backpedaling the chain
  4. Rub the wax into the chain links with your fingers
  5. Optional: Apply Wend Wax-off to "melt" the wax and allow it to penetrate further
  6. Allow to dry 2-3 hours before riding
  7. That's it, go ride!

Wend Wax-on is used by champions

Wax-on has been used successfully to win RAAM (Race Across America) and the Gravel World championship.  

"150 miles of dirt and gravel takes an extreme toll on chain lube, and once I tried Wend Wax I knew it would be the trick for getting through such a challenging day." -Neil Shirley, 2015 Gravel World Champion
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