2022 Garmin UNBOUND Live Stream

Looking to watch the 2022 Garmin UNBOUND via live stream? Prepare to pay up. The 2022 edition of the Garmin UNBOUND can only be found on the FloBikes subscription service on Saturday, June 4, 2022. See my prior review of the FloBikes service so you know what to expect with a subscription.

FloBikes has broadcast rights for the 2022 Garmin UNBOUND

The broadcast rights for the USA for all the events in the 2022 Lifetime Grand Prix (the 6 race series that includes the UNBOUND) were sold to FloBikes.

Peter Sagan will ride the 2022 UNBOUND

It was recently announced that fan favorite Peter Sagan will take the start at the 2022 UNBOUND as he prepares for the Tour de France. Don't expect to catch him on the live stream, however, because he's racing "only" the 100 mile version, not the 200 mile edition. You can reasonably expect the vast majority of the 2022 coverage to focus on the 200 mile race.


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