How to live stream the Lifetime Grand Prix (Garmin UNBOUND, Leadville 100)

For 2022, 6 endurance MTB and gravel races form the new Lifetime Grand Prix, an invitation-only series that includes 60 elite athletes. FloSports has acquired the live streaming rights for the USA and will stream all 6 events, starting with the "Fuego XC" 80 kilometer cross-country MTB race, which is part of the Sea Otter Classic on April 9. 

2022 Lifetime Grand Prix live stream

The 2022 Lifetime Grand Prix events will all be live-streamed on the FloBikes subscription service, including the Fuego XC, Garmin UNBOUND, Crusher in the Tushar, Leadville Trail 100, Chequamegon MTB, and the Big Sugar gravel.

2022 Lifetime Grand Prix calendar

  • Fuego XC - 80K cross-country MTB, April 9
  • Garmin UNBOUND gravel, 200 mile edition, June 4
  • Crusher in the Tushar, July 9
  • the Leadville Trail 100, August 13
  • the Chequamegon MTB, September 17, 
  • and finally the 100 mile Big Sugar gravel, October 22

2022 Lifetime Grand Prix start list

This series promises a whopping $250,000 prize list, so the talent and competition level should be very high, and has drawn an interesting cross-section of riders from different disciplines, including Rebecca Fahringer, Evelyn Dong, Katerina Nash, Howard Grotts, Lance Haidet, Ted King, and Ashton Lambie. These are riders who haven't often been on the same start line, which shold keep things interesting. 

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