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Wolf Tooth Components WT-1 Chain Lube, 2oz

Wolf Tooth Components WT-1 Chain Lube, 2oz

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WT-1 is a new high-end synthetic chain lube and drivetrain treatment (combined in a single bottle) from Wolf Tooth Components. WT-1 cleans and protects your chain and helps improve the mechanical efficiency of your bicycle drivetrain. WT-1 can replace multiple different products (dry lube, wet lube, chain cleaner, etc) in your toolbox, very convenient

Chain lube and drivetrain treatment in one

WT-1 can last 3-5x as long as competing products because it does such a good job binding to the metal on the chain. It pushes grit and dirt to the surface of the chain, where you can wipe it away. End result? You can ride longer between applications.

In addition to bicycle chains, Wolf Tooth's WT-1 can be used on other bike parts like hubs, cables, and derailleur pulley wheels.

How to use Wolf Tooth WT-1 chain lube

  • Shake the bottle of WT-1 for 30 seconds (a ball bearing is included inside the bottle to help agitate the contents)
  • Apply one drop of WT-1 to each roller of your chain; on the top side of the chain between the derailleur and the chainring, immediately in front of the lower pulley wheel
  • Backpedal the chain 20 or 30 times to help distribute the WT-1 in between all the components of your bike's chain
  • Wipe the chain with a microfiber cloth until it appears to be clean, with a light sheen.
  • Go ride!
  • Re-apply WT-1 at least once every 400 miles

When you first apply WT-1, your chain will look extra dirty after the first few rides - it's working! The additives, which work like a detergent, are actively pushing out dirt, excess grease, and grit. Wipe it down to remove that debris. As you continue to ride and re-apply, the chain will become increasingly clean, quiet, and efficient.

WT-1 is proudly made in the USA.

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