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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Rim Tape

Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Rim Tape

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Stan's NoTubes tubeless rim tape is a featherweight spoke tape that covers the spoke holes in tubeless rims to create an airtight seal. You've seen it everywhere; it's easily identified thanks to the distinctive yellow color. It's the factory-supplied rim tape on quite a few brands of high-end wheels.

NoTubes yellow rim tape forms a non-porous vapor barrier to seal the interior of the rim from moisture. The tape has a natural adhesive made from gum rubber, so it sticks where you want it without leaving a residue. On top of the tape is a low-friction service that helps tubeless tire beads seat and slip into place.

Each roll is 9.14 meters long - enough to tape multiple wheels. You can tape about 5 26" wheels, or 4 700c/29" wheels, using a single roll of NoTubes tape.

Choosing the right size tape

Stan's has provided some recommendations to help you choose the right size tape for your rim:

  • 21mm tape for rims with an internal width of 17-20mm
  • 25mm tape for rims with an internal width of 21-25mm
  • 27mm tape for rims with an internal width of 25-27mm
  • 30mm tape for rims with an internal width of 28-30mm

How to use Stan's NoTubes Tubeless Rim Tape

This tape is for use with tubeless-ready rims. If you're running tires that take less than about 45 PSI (i.e. mountain bike, cyclocross, and gravel) one layer of tape is needed for most rims. Two layers of tape may be needed for applications above 45 PSI, like road tubeless. Consult your specific rim brand for guidance.

Stan's NoTubes tubeless rim tape is designed to cover the spoke holes in tubeless rims, creating an airtight seal in combination with tire sealant. Notably - it does not make a non-tubeless rim into a tubeless rim.

Stan's had an older product (now discontinued) which was a rubber rim strip designed to convert non-tubeless rims for tubeless rims. This is not the same product. Do not attempt to use Yellow Rim Tape and Stan’s NoTubes sealant on a non-tubeless-ready rim: doing so can result in difficult inflation or catastrophic "burping" issues in use.

  • Made in the USA

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