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Stan's NoTubes Tire Sealant Injector

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Stan's NoTubes "The Injector" allows you to easily inject sealant into your tire right through the valve. No muss, no fuss, and no need to break the bead on the tire. You can use the injector to install sealant into a tire that's already setup as tubeless, or even to move sealant from one tire to another. 

The versatile design works on both schrader and presta valves (the valve core needs to be removable, of course - almost all are) and the cylinder is graduated so you can easily measure out the right amount of sealant with no waste.

How to use the Stan's NoTubes tire sealant injector

  1. Remove the presta or schrader valve core
  2. Connect the injector to the valve
  3. Hold the injector vertically and pour in the desired amount of sealant
  4. Install the plunger and push it down to dispense the sealant
  5. Clean up with cold water

Tech Notes

This injector is intended for use with Stan's NoTubes "standard" sealant. It does not work with Stan's "Race" sealant - that version must be dumped directly into the tire, instead of injected through the valve.


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