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Stan's NoTubes "Race" Tire Sealant - Quart (32 oz)

Stan's NoTubes "Race" Tire Sealant - Quart (32 oz)

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For nearly 15 years, Stan's has been preparing a special "off-label" sealant formula for elite athletes and pro teams. That same sealant, now known as "Race" is now available to the general public. Race offers a combination of larger and smaller sealing crystals that interlock to form a "lattice" shape that seals punctures and reinforces the punctured area - ensuring you reach the finish line in competitive events. 

How to use Stan's Race Sealant

Race sealant is a different formula with twice the sealing crystals compared to Stan's NoTubes standard sealant, so it can seal larger punctures to ensure you reach the finish line. Because of this, it can't be installed through the valve using an injector - you must pour it directly into the tire by breaking the bead:

  1. Break a section of the tire bead on one side of the wheel
  2. Hang the wheel vertically, with the valve stem at the bottom
  3. Shake bottle, invert, and pour directly into the tire
  4. Start mounting the tire at the top, and work your way toward the valve stem at the bottom. Before mounting the final section of bead, rotate the wheel so the valve is at the top.
  5. Inflate to 30 PSI to seat the bead
  6. Bounce, rotate, and turn the wheel to distribute the sealant

How much Race sealant to use

For tubeless bicycle tires 1.0-2.4 inches (23-60mm) use 2-3oz of Race sealant. For tubeless bicycle tires 2.4 - 4.0 inches (63-100mm) use 3-4oz of Race sealant.

Tech Tips

Race sealant should be inspected every 2-3 weeks for best performance. If you intend to store tires without use for a long period of time, rinse the race sealant out of the used tires first.

Unlike standard Stan's tire sealant, the Race version is not compatible with tubular tires, nor with inner tubes. It's only for use in tubeless tires.

Choosing between Stan's NoTubes standard sealant vs. race sealant

Race sealant is capable of sealing larger holes, but requires more maintenance. Racers who can maintain and inspect their equipment frequently who have money and time invested in training, travel, and race entry fees will appreciate the extra sealing capability of the Race sealant helping them to reach the finish line. Riders looking for a lower-maintenance solution may benefit from the standard sealant instead. Race can't be used in tubular tires or inner tubes, so the standard Stan's sealant is a better choice for those applications.

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