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Silca Synergetic Wet Chain Lube

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Chain waxing with Silca's Hot Melt Wax delivers incredible results - but the extra labor of waxing isn't for everyone. For riders who prefer a traditional drip, oil-based chain lube, Silca introduces Synergetic - one of the fastest oils every developed for bicycles.

This chain lube is based on technology that came from F1 racing, designed to reduce friction and wear in metal parts. Choose it if you want to enjoy lower friction, enhanced chain and cassette lifespan, and a quiet drivetrain. 

  • 2oz drip applicator - Silca estimates each bottle can lube your chain for about 12,000 miles
  • Exceptionally waterproof - even when fully submerged in water, the lubricant remains inside the chaint displaced!
  • Made in the USA  

How to use Silca Synergetic Chain Lube

  1. Apply to a clean, dry chain if possible
  2. Make sure the chain is free of dirt or contaminants
  3. Synergetic will displace factory chain lube after 4-5 applications
  4. On a clean, dry chain, apply one drop to each set of gaps on each roller (i.e. 2 drops per roller total). Cycle the chain backwards 10-12 rotations to allow the lubricant to penetrate the chain. Wipe the outside of the chain, cogs, and chainrings as dry as possible. Re-apply 1 drop per roller every 600-800 miles (or immediately after wet/rain rides)
  5. If applying to a chain with factory lube, use only 1 drop per roller instead, then cycle the chain backwards 10-12 rotations while rubbing the lube into the chain with your fingertips. As before, wipe outside of chain dry, then re-apply and wipe after riding for 4 or 5 rides to allow Synergetic to replace the factory lube. 


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