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Silca Super Secret Chain Lube

Silca Super Secret Chain Lube

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The premise is simple - the fastest wax-based lubricant available for bicycle chains. Silca Super Secret Chain Lube began as a project to bring the benefits of chain waxing (enjoyed by professional-level cyclists for years) to the masses. 

Super Secret Chain Lube is quick-drying and forms a coating that is essentially indistinguishable from traditional hot melt waxing techniques, while remaining fast and easy to apply. The formula consists of 4 different types of wax, nano platelets of WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide), plus mild alcohol to act as a carrier. What it means for you is an incredibly quiet, fast, and clean-running drivetrain.  

  • environmentally-friendly
  • Precision drip applicator tip
  • Made in the USA

How to apply Silca Super Secret chain lube

  1. Always start with the cleanest possible chain before applying. Your chain should be cleaned, degreased, and dry.
  2. Be sure to have chainline relatively straight (53/15 or so)
  3. Shake bottle and open tip halfway
  4. Apply drip lube to top of rollers while pedaling backward. Be sure to apply at least 1 drop per roller and no more than 2 drops per roller while continuing to backpedal.
  5. Work the lube into the chain rollers while backpedaling with your fingers, at least 3-4 revolutions.
  6. Pedal forward, shifting all the way to top of the cassette, pedal for at least 3-4 revolutions. The extreme chain angle opens gaps between plates to allow the lube to better work into the chain.
  7. Shift through all the gears on the cassette at least once (including front chainrings on multiple chainring bikes) 
  8. Allow lube to dry for 3-40 mines
  9. Wipe away any excess before riding

Follow Silca's full written and video instructions for best results.





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