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Rock "N" Roll Absolute Dry Chain Lube

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 Absolute Dry is Rock "N" Roll's lightest, thinnest, and cleanest lubricant. It's intended for use on road bikes ridden in clean and dry conditions. All their lubes are intended to clean and lubricate at the same time. 

Their formula penetrates deep into the chain, trapping any dirt. Dirt then floats to the surface of the chain or gears, where you can wipe it away after riding. Inside the chain, the lubricant creates a membrane protecting the metal from dirt and moisture. It stays in place for longer chain lifespan and clean, quiet shifting. 

Looking for a lube for MTB, gravel, or cyclocross bikes that are ridden in dirt and wet? Check out Rock "N" Roll's Gold chain lube instead. 


The application of Rock "N" Roll chain lube is the same, whether you're using Absolute Dry, Gold, etc. Use these steps: 

  1. Shift the chain into the big chainring in the front (if applicable) and smallest cassette cog. 
  2. Apply the lube to the top of the chain where it sits on the cassette cog. It's OK to apply plenty, we're cleaning and lubing at the same time.
  3. Rotate the crank backwards and wipe off all dirt and grit on the surface of the chain. You can't wipe the chain too much (we want the lube on the interior links and bushings, not the exterior of the chain plates)
  4. Shift between gears so you can wipe away any excess from the cogs and chainrings
  5. Ideally, apply chain lube the day before riding for best performance, allowing it to dry completely before riding. 
  6. Wipe the chain off after riding, even if you don't plan to re-lube yet.


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