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Effetto Mariposa Shelter Road Roll - 1 meter

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Road Roll - 1 meter

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Shelter by Effetto Mariposa Road protective tape. 1 meter of shock resistant and scratch resistant tape to protect your frame and fork from rock chips. Transparent so your beautiful frame graphics can shine through. You splashed out for a new high-end carbon frame and fork? Protect it and preserve the resale value with Shelter's Road Roll tape. 

Tape roll measures 1 meter long x 54mm wide and is 0.6mm thick. Cut your own lengths or shapes to suit your specific bike. The "Road" weight Shelter tape is incredibly lightweight and won't weigh down your road, cyclocross, or gravel bike, with the entire roll weighing in at 210 grams.

  • Invisible protection from scratches and impact
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple to apply and won't turn yellow over time
  • Works on carbon or metal fames, forks, crankarms, more
  • Made in Italy

Easy to use

After applying, it takes about 8 hours for Shelter tape to bond optimally. After 8 hours, it won't be affect by normal riding or washing, but it is still removable if needed.

How to use Shelter tape


1. after removing cables or other interfering elements, clean the area where you want to apply Shelter with alcohol and a clean cloth. Remove traces of dried-up alcohol with another clean, dry cloth;

2. take the suitable pre-cut Shelter element or cut a custom made Shelter piece, without removing the backing paper;

3. make sure the element fits the area you want to protect and make sure your hands are clean. After that, completely remove the backing paper, freeing the adhesive surface (try not to touch the adhesive surface with your fingers, or do it as little as possible: being transparent, fingerprints might show);

4. gently position Shelter on the area to protect, without applying pressure and without stretching the material. Re-position it if necessary, until it sits exactly where you want it. As this point, start applying an even pressure, working from the center and going towards the sides, to avoid trapping air bubbles and making wrinkles;

5. work on the whole Shelter element to make it stick to the surface. Insist on the edges and on tight curved sections to make sure the adhesion is even.

How to remove Shelter tape

To remove Shelter, peel it off slowly, making sure not to delaminate it. Doing so, Shelter won’t leave any trace of glue on the surface it was formerly attached to, even after several years.

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