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Effetto Mariposa Carogna Tubular Tire Gluing Tape

Effetto Mariposa Carogna Tubular Tire Gluing Tape

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Effetto Mariposa's Carogna Tape is, quite simply, the most exciting innovation for gluing tubular tires in a decade.

Carogna tape is sold singly. If you need to glue wheels for one bike, please order qty 2 rolls.  

Many of us have struggled with messy, smelly, hard-to-handle tubular glue over the years. Carogna allows you to skip the glue entirely, yet still creates a strong, durable bond for cyclocross tires on tubular rims. Compared with gluing, it's also much easier to get the tire perfectly straight, since the adhesive part of Carogna is covered by a protective tape until you're ready for it to "stick". 

When it's time to remove, Carogna leaves the rim closer to ready for the next tire compared with gluing.  

Carogna comes in 3 sizes - determined by the width of the rim:

  • S, for rims with an external width of 17-20mm
  • SM, for rims with an external width of 21-24mm
  • M, for rims with an external width of 25-28mm. 

Carogna has been tested and is designed to perform flawlessly on any rim material with adhesion using industrial grade acrylic glue. In the event that you need to remove in the future, this part stays with the gluing tape, not the rim. On the tubular tire side, there is a 1mm thick layer of permanently glue (originally designed for underwater applications). It moves and spreads when the tire is first inflated, ensuring optimum contact.

The big question: does it work for cyclocross?

Carogna tape works for cyclocross, we’ve had in general very positive feed-back. Journalists and early adopters like Lennard Zinn of Velonews and Mike Yozell of Bicycling confirm Carogna indeed works for CX. However, not surprisingly, it turns out that knowing the correct gluing procedure is much more important for CX than for normal road use: similarly to mastic, an average gluing job won’t survive cyclocross applications.

Carogna glue is ‘pressure-activated’, so it bonds very strongly when it’s pushed down against the rim by the tubular pressure (for this reason, for road tubulars, we recommend inflating tubulars to their max pressure and allowing some time before riding: adhesion reaches 80% of its maximum strength after 8 hours, the optimal value of 99% after 24 hours).

Important remarks for cyclocross use of Carogna:

    we know this is common practice when gluing with mastic, but tapes are different. Sandpaper will create small grooves on the rim, reducing the effective bonding surface for the tape. A smooth rim bed offers the maximum surface of contact for Carogna: we recommend removing eventual residual glue completely with Carogna Remover before applying Carogna tape.
    if Carogna tape is much wider than your rims (for example Carogna “M”, 25mm, on a 20mm rim) there is tape on the side that isn’t properly glued to the tubular/rim (just because the rim didn’t extend wide enough and the tape couldn’t be “sandwiched” between tubular and rim). That area is a potential entry point from where dirt and mud could get underneath the glued section of Carogna… not immediately, but within your third or fourth weekend of races. It’s better to trim the eventual excess with a cutter, before mounting the tubular.
    as written in the mounting instructions, the ideal thermal range for application of Carogna is between 21°C and 38°C (70 to 100°F), allowing 8 hours to reach 80% of the adhesive strenght . Applying the tape below 10°C is not recommended. If it’s too cold the glue won’t be able to develop permanent bonds, as it’s supposed to do. Once adhesion is set, the use at low temperatures (down to -40°C) is not a problem.
    as most cx tubulars won’t allow a very high maximum pressure, Carogna might require a longer time before optimal adhesion. This depends very much on the finishing/surface of the tubular base tape.
    In most cases, this is not needed, but we’ve been reported cases where cyclocross tubulars were not glued after 8 hours… but were perfectly glued allowing one more day at maximum pressure.

Please carefully review the Carogna instructions before installing (notably, you do not sand or roughen the rim, as you would for traditional glue) for tech tips. 

Carogna tape is sold singly. If you need to glue wheels for one bike, please order qty 2 rolls. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kory Scott
Fantastic product

This tape is super easy to use. It's also very reliable and sturdy. Absolute must-have for tubular tires.

stephan papadakis
Way better than glue.

Easier to use than mastic. Seems to be holding my CX tire on the carbon wheel well. I've already race a few times with the tape. Thumbs up.