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Avid Shorty 6 Cantilever Brake

Avid Shorty 6 Cantilever Brake

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Note: "front" and "rear" brakes are the same except for the direction of the slot on the brake pads. So it's possible to use a "front" brake in the "rear" or vice-versa simply by flipping the brake pads to the other side. 

Avid's Shorty 6 cantilever brake may be the best blend of performance and value on the market. These brakes offer high-end features like road-style cartridge pad carriers and a competitive weight, but cost half as much as boutique options.

Why are removable road cartridge pads important? 
This design has several key benefits:

  • As your brake pads wear out, the pad can be replaced without disturbing the adjustment of the brake. The insert is also significantly less expensive than replacing an entire pad assembly. 
  • Some other brakes ship with "linear pull" (i.e. V-brake) type pads, designed for mountain bikes. These are a poor match for cyclocross bikes, particularly if you use carbon rims. Carbon rims require special pads, which are often only available in the "road" shape, not the "V-brake" shape. Since the Shorty 6 uses the preferable "road" shaped pads, you'll find a huge selection of replacement pad options. 

Shorty 6 features full stainless hardware, so it won't corrode in the wet/muddy environment of cyclocross. Shorty is also an ideal design for bicycle touring or adventure bikes, since they can be maintained and adjusted with nothing more than a set of hex wrenches. 

  • Black
  • Claimed 157 grams (per wheel)
  • Sold singly - please order 1 front and 1 rear for a complete bike


  • Cantilever brakes are designed to work with road drop handlebar brake levers. If you intend to use them on a bike with a flat MTB handlebar, you'll need brake levers specifically labeled for cantilever brakes, not linear-pull / V-brakes for correct operation. 


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