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Arundel Seat Saddle Bag

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Arundel's Pico, Medio, and Gordo line of seat bags are made with upgraded materials that are water-resistant and extra durable, plus sonic welded seams. They cost a bit more than other bargain saddle bags, but in exchange, you'll receive a product that will last you a very long time and does a great job of protecting the gear inside.

Carry tools, food, keys, ID, spare tubes

The Pico, Media, and Gordo bags share the same Arundel design and construction techniques, but vary in size and capacity, so you can chose just the right one for your needs and riding style.

Arundel Pico Seat Bag

Pico is the smallest at 19 cubic inches (4¾ x 3 x 1½ in) and uses a 1" wide nylon velcro strap. It carries a 700c gravel-size tube plus multitool or tire levers, plus your ID. Weighs next to nothing and incredibly compact and discrete.

Arundel Medio Seat Bag

Medio splits the difference between Pico and Gordo, Medio is 33 cubic inches and measures 5 x 3¾ x 2 in. It uses a wider 1.5" strap for more stability while carrying more weight, and there's enough space for a gravel tube, multitool, tire levers, and maybe an energy gel or housekeys.

Arundel Gordo Seat Bag

Gordo is the largest Arundel saddle bag available, great for bikepacking and extended adventures. It has the larger 1.5" strap for stability and a 43 cubic inch capacity, measuring 7¾ x 4 x 1 ½ in. Gordo can carry larger MTB sized inner tubes, full size energy bars, or an iPhone, larger multitools, CO2 cartridges and even some micro-size pumps. 


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