Prestacycle Prestaflator Inflator Review and Buyer's Guide

Prestacycle Prestaflator Inflator Review and Buyer's Guide

Looking to add a home compressor to your toolbox arsenal? You've come to the right place. 

The most popular and easiest way to use an air compressor with bicycle tires is to add a Prestaflator inflation head from Prestacycle. These inflation heads plug into air compressors with standard 1/4" I/M fittings.

This article does not cover the compressor setup, only choosing the right inflator head. If you need to decide which compressor to buy, please see this blog post: How to setup a home compressor for use with tubeless tires.

The Prestaflator line of inflators from Prestacycle has 4 options to choose from. Here is a review of each, so you can get the perfect tool for your needs and budget:

Prestaflator Mini

The Prestaflator Mini is the smallest, lightest, and simplest inflator in the Prestacycle line-up. It's a "unitasker", handling one job only, but doing it exceptionally well. It comes in two versions, one presta, one schrader, and isn't convertible between the two, so order the one that matches your valve type. 

In addition to being the lowest priced Prestaflator, it also has the unique benefit of being operated one-handed. This allows you to have your other hand free in the shop, to stabilize the wheel or bike you are working on.

It's an all-metal, durable tool that stands up to heavy use. I recommend it for tough environments because there is less to break if you drop the tool. 

The Prestaflator Mini lacks a PSI gauge - it is assumed you will use it to seat tubeless tire beads, and then fine-tune the final pressure with a floor pump or handheld gauge. 

Shop for the Prestaflator Mini

Prestaflator Eco

Next up in the Prestaflator line-up is the Eco model. This is the least-expensive model to offer a built-in pressure gauge and a head that works for both presta and schrader valves.

It fits into the same 1/4" I/M pneumatic line fittings as the other Prestacycle Prestaflators do, but uses a bit more plastic to keep the cost down. Make sure it doesn't fall off your workbench. 

Choose the Eco if you want an inflator with a built-in pressure gauge for occasional use. Simply pull the trigger to reach the desired PSI and get back to riding. 

Unlike the Pro and Pro Digital versions, the Eco doesn't include the accessory head pack, so while it handles your bicycle needs, it isn't setup to inflate pool toys or basketballs.  

Shop for the Prestaflator Eco

Prestaflator Professional

Our top-selling inflator is the Prestaflator Professional version. It blends function and incredible value, so it's our "go-to" choice for most users. 

Works with presta and schrader valves and features a built in PSI gauge; all-metal construction is a step up from the Eco model and stands up to repeated shop use or enthusiast home mechanics who want a full-featured garage setup. 

As with the digital version, it includes a wide selection of the most popular accessory heads, so you can do tasks beyond bicycle inflation also, like inflating pool toys. 

Shop for the Prestaflator Pro

Prestaflator Pro Digital

Step up to the Pro Digital inflator if you want the top inflator head available. It builds on the features of the Professional version, but adds a digital PSI gauge instead of a needle gauge for the ultimate in accuracy. It measures down to 1/10th of 1 PSI so you can precisely set the desired pressure. 

It also features compatibility with both presta and schrader valves and includes a full selection accessory of accessory heads, so you can handle the needs of the entire neighborhood. 

The display on the gauge is backlit so you can see it in a dim garage or shop. Truly a pro-level tool. 

Shop for the Prestaflator Pro Digital 

These four inflators make up your choices in the Prestaflator line-up. Adding one to your toolbox makes inflation a snap and greatly simplifies working with modern tubeless tires. 

Good luck with your home compressor setup. 



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