Top 10 reasons to try cyclocross

All types of cycling are great, but cyclocross especially so. Here are's top 10 reasons to try cyclocross: 

  1. It is hard!
    Cyclocross might be the hardest participation sport you ever try. At many venues you will compete on the exact same course used by elite professional athletes. 'Cross will challenge your mental and physical toughness and push you to the limit. 

  2. It's a great spectator sport
    Cyclocross races are held in accessible venues, like county parks. You can often see most of the course from a single vantage point and easily walk to anything that's out of sight. 

  3. It's family friendly
    Most events offer a full spectrum of age and ability categories, including children. Your kids will love the cheering crowds and supportive atmosphere. 

  4. It builds skills for other types of cycling
    If you also ride road, mountain, track, etc. bikes, you'll find that cyclocross helps build fitness and bike handling skills that cross over to other cycling types. 

  5. Meet great people
    "Bike people" are generally great people, and among bike people, cyclocross people are the friendliest around. You won't find an elitist attitude here.

  6. You don't need special equipment to get started
    It's more important that you get out there. If you enjoy 'cross, your equipment will catch up, but while you get started, any of a proper cyclocross bike, old touring bike, mountain bike, or hybrid will do the job. 

  7. The athletes at the top are accessible
    In what other sport can you mingle with professional athletes after the event? Pros are happy to chat, share tips, or a post-race beer. 

  8. It's inexpensive
    compared with triathlon, most mountain bike races, marathons, obstacle course runs, etc., cyclocross is comparatively inexpensive and promoters just want you to have a good time. 

  9. Events are short
    Serious road cyclists at high levels may train 100+ hours a year. Since cyclocross races average about 45 minutes, they are accessible to weekend athletes with full-time jobs. 

  10. Beer friendly
    Before, during, after, there is a great beer appreciation culture around cyclocross.