What's up with Donnelly tires?

January 07, 2018

Since re-launching the Clement line 2010, Donnelly Sports has been licensing that name from Pirelli. Pirelli has now decided to enter the bicycle tire market, which in theory makes them a competitor to Donnelly.

Donnelly, who created and owned design of the common tread patterns you know and trust (PDX, MXP, etc.) has thus decided to re-launch those proven tires under the Donnelly name. Those new tires are now in stock at RideCX under the Donnelly label

So what does this mean for cyclocross and gravel riders?

  • Clement's tread patterns and compounds will be manufactured in the future under the Donnelly label. Look for the same treads you already know, but with new graphics. 
  • Clement tires are discontinued, a few may be left on the market but no more are in production to replenish them as they are sold 
  • The professional team formerly known as Raleigh-Clement is now the Donnelly team and features athletes like Jamey Driscoll and Lance Haidet


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