How to stream X2O Badkamers Trofee cyclocross 2021 - Krawatencross, Lille

How to stream X2O Badkamers Trofee cyclocross 2021 - Krawatencross, Lille

The next-to-last round of the X2O Badkamers Trofee 2020-2021 was a spectacular cyclocross race in snow and ice. Krawatencross, from Lille, Belgium in the Antwerp province was the site of this one.

Krawatencross is one of the only recent races to be held in freezing temperatures, with riders facing off in true winter conditions among recently fallen snow. Long jerseys, tights, and toe spikes were the order of the day.

I won't spoil it for you, take a look at the replay on GCN+ if you can!

DVV Trofee -->  X2O Badkamers Trofee

If X2O Badkamers doesn't sound familiar, it's the new sponsor of a familiar major cyclocross series. Previously it was known as the DVV Trofee, and before that, the BPost Bank Trofee. The series was originally founded as the Gazet van Antwerpen Trofee (many of the races take place in Belgium's Antwerp province) and is notable for it's unusual scoring - rather than receiving points that count toward a total to calculate a series winner, it's based on cumulative time across all the races instead.

X2O Badkamers Trofee Standings

With just one race left in the series, the race for the overall title is heating up. The next and final series race is the Brussels Universities cross on Sunday, February 14, 2021. 

On the Elite women's side, only two riders have a real chance at winning the overall - Denise Betsema trails Lucinda Brand by about 30 seconds. Brand can win the "grand slam" by potentially winning the World Championship, World Cup, Superprestige, and X2O Badkamers in the same season.

In the Elite men's overall, Mathieu van der Poel has the lead, but since he has ended his cyclocross campaign for 2021 following the world championship, Eli Iserbyt slides into the slot and appears to have the series sewn up - barring a catastrophic crash or DNF in the final round.

How to stream X2O Badkamers Trofee cyclocross 2021 - Krawatencross, Lille

For the 2020/21 season, GCN has the streaming rights for the USA with their Race Pass subscription package. On February 1st, GCN announced that Race Pass is being renamed as GCN+ (GCN Plus). More information on the GCN changes.

Existing subscribers to Race Pass will be switched to GCN+ on February 15, 2021 automatically, no action needed on your part. 

If you aren't yet a subscriber, you can get 50% off during February 2021, in the USA, that's just $25 / year. A great deal for cyclocross streaming.

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