Cyclocross schedule for Tom Pidcock, Wout van Aert, and Mathieu van der Poel 2022

Tom Pidcock, Wout van Aert, and Mathieu van der Poel have become known as the cyclocross "big three" in media circles. Some of their upcoming schedules have recently become public. Here's when to expect them on the starting line in the 2022/23 cyclocross season.

Tom Pidcock, Wout van Aert, and Mathieu van der Poel are expected to race together at the Antwerp World Cup, Sunday December 4, 2022

Tom Pidcock and Mathieu van der Poel have already done battle this season at Hulst, but WVA has been MIA thus far. That's scheduled to change at the Antwerp cyclocross World Cup on Sunday, December 4, 2022 when all three are expected to take the start as of this writing.

Pidcock and Mathieu van der Poel have both already won this Fall. Adding Wout van Aert to the mix should make things even more interesting!

When does Tom Pidcock resume cyclocross?

Tom Pidcock took the World Championship in Fayetteville, Arkansas in early 2022, and after a Spring and Summer filled with road and mountain bike racing, did not start the 2022/23 cyclocross season with the rest of the field.

That is set to change as Pidcock has announced he'll race at the Superprestige Merksplas November 19, and then the Overijse World Cup the next day, Sunday November 20th.

How will he perform? Unsure, since he hasn't raced competitively in almost 3 months now. He also hasn't announced if he intends to defend his World Championship title, with the Hoogerheide event in February 2023 approaching quickly. 

When does Wout van Aert resume cyclocross?

van Aert has selected the December 4, 2022 Antwerp World Cup for his debut this season, a later date than originally announced. He has also already indicated that he'll pursue the Worlds title in February as well, but needs to structure his calendar to not interfere with a 2023 Spring Classics campaign.

Not starting until December 4 means he only has a few race weekends to get things dialed in, so he'll look to balance racing, training camps, and rest during that short time.

When does Mathieu van der Poel resume cyclocross? 

Unlike Pidock, Mathieu van der Poel has already indicated he'll go for the World Championship in February 2023. To get there, van der Poel began his 2022/23 cyclocross season at the Hulst World Cup on Sunday, November 27 ("Turkey Trot Weekend" for us Americans.) Spoiler alert: he won.

Tom Pidcock, Wout van Aert, and Mathieu van der Poel at the 2022 Kerstperiode

The upcoming Kerstperiode racing block could serve as vital preparation for the Hoogerheide World Championship. Packing many races into the short time period around Christmas and New Year's Day, some of the Kerstperiode cyclocross races could have a calendar alignment when Tom Pidcock, Wout van Aert, and Mathieu van der Poel all appear on the same starting line.

I'd love to see them at the return of the Diegem night race, for example, which has been postponed/cancelled due to COVID-19 multiple times. With their short calendars all 3 might look to the Kerstperiode races to fine-tune their fitness with many intense workouts in a short time span, and they can do so with limited travel as these races are all close together geographically - much different than going to the USA or Czechia for a World Cup.

When do Tom Pidcock, Wout van Aert, and Mathieu van der Poel race together?

The calendars of all 3 athletes are of course subject to change based on fitness, illness, and adjusted goals, but a "big three" showdown could be in the cards at the new Dublin, Ireland World Cup, scheduled for December 11, 2022.

How to watch the 2022/23 cyclocross races

Readers in the USA will need 2 streaming services to catch Pidcock, van Aert, and van der Poel in action: GCN Plus (Race Pass) for the Superprestige and X20 Badkamers events, and FloBikes for the World Cup events. Learn more about cyclocross streaming options for the 2022/23 season.

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