How to stream cyclocross during the 2024/25 season

Looking to get your cyclocross fix? Let's take a look at your streaming choices for the 2024/25 cyclocross season. Here's how to stream elite, profesional cyclocross this year, including World Cup, World Championships, Superprestige, X²O Badkamers Trofee series, and Exact Cross.

Please note: this article focuses on the USA - if you are not in the USA, check carefully before subscribing, because streaming rights on the services described here will vary by country. Thanks!

Let's start by reviewing the paid subscription options for cyclocross in 2024/25:

MAX (HBO MAX) with the Bleacher Report add-on

Starting February 1, 2024, the Max streaming service (formerly HBO Max) offers live streaming bicycle racing coverage through the subscription Bleacher Report ("B/R Sports") add-on, including the Superprestige, X2O Trofee, and Exact Cross cyclocross races.

Note that Bleacher Report is a paid add-on that runs on top of the Max paid streaming service; i.e. you need two subscriptions to access cycling content on Max. The cheapest month-to-month Max subscription, as of this writing, is $9.99, and the Bleacher Report add-on is also $9.99, i.e, a total of $19.98 monthly for the Max / BR bundle.

Bleacher Report carries 300+ road, mountain, cyclocross, track, and BMX events. The B/R Sports schedule includes:

  • Superprestige, X2O Trofee, and Exact Cross cyclocross events
  • the Giro d’Italia
  • the UCI Mountain Bike World Series and Track Champions League
  • Kuurne–Brussels–Kuurne
  • E3 Classic
  • Strade Bianche
  • Tirreno–Adriatico
  • Milan–San Remo
  • Tour of the Basque Country
  • Il Lombardia

It's also worth noting what you WON'T find on Bleacher Report:

  • the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, Tour of Flanders, and La Vuelta (those are on Peacock)
  • the UCI Cyclocross World Cup, and UCI Cyclocross World Championship (FloBikes has the streaming rights)

Read more about Max with Bleacher Report

FloBikes cyclocross streaming

FloBikes is the most expensive of your streaming options at $150 yearly, but it's also the only source for USA viewers to tune into the cyclocross World Cups (formerly, they were on NBC Sports Gold Cycling Pass.) Most importantly, FloBikes offers replays and an on-demand library of past races, so you can watch on your timeable.

On FloBikes you will find the following cyclocross races:

  • the UCI Cyclocross World Cup races,
  • the UCI Cyclocross World Championship
  • and the USA Cycling cyclocross national championship

Flo has attracted some complaints from subscribers over the years - usually from customers who didn't realize they were subscribing to an annual service - unfortunately, FloBikes doesn't offer a month-to-month subscription. That means you can't subscribe to watch during the cyclocross season and then cancel afterward, you're in for a year.

Read more about the FloBikes service

GCN+ cyclocross streaming (defunct)

GCN+ quickly became the best streaming service for bicycle racing, and especially cyclocross, when it was introduced. Sadly, GCN+ ceased operations on December 19, 2023, so it's no longer an option for cyclocross streaming. If you are a previous GCN+ subscriber, most of that content was moved to the MAX / Bleacher Report service.

Peacock Premium (formerly NBC Sports Gold Cycling Pass)

Peacock Premium replaced NBC Sports Gold Cycling Pass, and inherited most of NBC's broadcast rights. This includes the Tour de France - which is the primary reason most riders would consider a Peacock subscription. 

If you're expecting to watch cyclocross World Cups on the NBC networks/apps as you have in the past, though, look elsewhere. FloBikes has those rights in the USA now. So don't subscribe to Peacock if you're only interested in cyclocross, as opposed to road cycling.

The best news about Peacock is the reasonable price, and subscriptions run month-to-month, allowing you to turn it on for certain races then unsubscribe. A steal for just $4.99 a month even if you only use it for "Le Tour". That makes Peacock perfect for watching the Tour de France and the couple of Spring Classics for which Peacock holds the streaming rights.

Read more about cycling on Peacock.

USA Cycling cyclocross national championships live stream

The USA Cycling cyclocross national championship used to be streamed free; in Fall 2021 coverage was moved to FloBikes, eliminating this option. USA Cycling no longer offers a free YouTube stream of the cyclocross national championship.

Using a VPN for cyclocross streaming

Each streaming provider only has broadcast rights in certain countries, so it's fairly common to run into the dreaded "this video is not available in your country" error message. It's not the fault of the streaming provider - they'd love to show it to you, but they have to make a best effort to honor their contracts, which means blocking some countries. Usually (but not always) if you are "geo-blocked" it means that some other provider is streaming the event. 

A way to work around this is to hook your computer or device up with a VPN. A VPN is sort of a "fake-out" tool that tricks the streaming provider into thinking your location is in a different country. The best VPN I've found for streaming cyclocross is NordVPN, primarily because you can simply click in their app to choose a different country on the fly, until you find one that works for your stream. 

Unfortunately, quality VPNs are not free, however, once you're a subscriber you can use them for all sort of non-sports streaming as well, like Netflix, so they're a handy tool. 


Streaming Other Cyclocross Races

Some "second-tier" cyclocross races simply aren't large enough to show up on the streaming calendar, largely due to the expense of setting up multiple cameras for live streaming, paying for internet connectivity, and so on. In this category are:


I suspect the modified Fall 2024 USCX series will not be livestreamed. It pains me to say it, but what was streamed in prior seasons was low quality and not worth watching for most.

Englewood CX

This event, new to the calendar, kicks off the USA season Sep 7/8 in Wisconsin. Don't expect a live stream, I'll update this article if anything changes.

Cyclocross on Belgium's Play Sports network

You'll also find a small handful of races that only appear on Belgium's Play Sports service. This streaming subscription is not available to customers in the USA for any price, and generally there has not been any USA coverage of these events at all. Fortunately, this only happens 2 or 3 times per season, so a European, elite-level cyclocross race that isn't available for streaming in the USA almost never happens.

Dead / defunct cyclocross streaming options: 

Over the years, several streaming providers have come and gone. The following options are now dead:
  • Trek Bikes coverage - Trek no longer streams free cyclocross.
  • RedBull.TV coverage - this free coverage in some countries, featuring Helen Wyman, is discontinued.
  • GCN Racing (free) streams on their Facebook and YouTube channels. These were replaced by the paid GCN+ Race TV subscription, which itself was later discontinued.
  • GCN+ - this subscription streaming service ceased operations at the end of 2023
  • Fubo.TV has ceased offering their Fubo Cycling Pass subscription service. All subscriptions ended Dec 31, 2020 and the service won't be offered going forward.


Cyclocross fans who subscribe to two packages, MAX plus the B/R Sports add-on and FloBikes will have 98% + coverage of elite cyclocross races worldwide. The other events (i.e. road, MTB) covered on these services, for 'cross fans, is a free bonus.

If I missed a streaming provider or any details, please reach out using @RideCX on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to let me know and I'll update this article. 

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