How-to choose, build, or buy a cyclocross bike

With hundreds of cyclocross bikes on the market, how can you choose the right one for your needs? Should you start with a bare frame and build up a custom cyclocross bike to your specs - or go for an off-the-shelf complete bike? 

Cyclocross' incredible growth rate means major manufacturers like Trek, Specialized, and Giant now include a range of complete cyclocross bikes in their line-up, and you'll find these bikes for sale at your local dealer. You'll also find great bikes from more niche brands like Niner or Ridley. If you aren't comfortable working on your own equipment, buying a complete, off-the-shelf bike is probably the right approach for you. 

If you are a bit more tech-savvy, however, starting from a frame and building a complete cyclocross bike from parts you select has some important benefits. Every last detail will be selected and built to your exact specs, allowing you to invest where it matters - chainring ratios that perfectly suit your local terrain, higher-end, purpose built tubular or tubeless wheels and tires, and so on; while saving money elsewhere.

Factors to consider when building or buying your cyclocross bike: 

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