KMC X12 12 Speed Chain



Ti Gold
Ti Gold / Black
KMC chains deliver exceptional value and performance. The new X12 model provides compatibility with new 12 speed drivetrains. 

Smooth, fast shifting

X12 features mushroomed riveting for strength and new features for fast, smooth shifting, including KMC's Double X Bridge shape and both inner and outer plate chamfering. It's also a highly durable chain. 

Easy to setup and install

This is a non-directional chain, which simplifies installation and setup, and the required connecting link is included.
  • 126 links
  • 268 grams
  • includes connecting link

Optional Titanium Nitride coating on select models

Gold models feature at Titanium Nitride coating to create a super hard and smooth surface, not only is it flashy and great-looking, it's resists dirt and is easier to clean, extending lifespan. (Silver model is nickel-coated.)

Compatibility with a variety of 12 speed drivetrains

Compatible with Campagnolo 12sp road/gravel, SRAM 12 speed MTB, and Shimano 12 speed MTB drivetrains

Vendor: KMC

Customer Reviews

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Michael Ruiz
Gold standard

This chain is the gold standard between my absolute black 32 tooth oval chainring and the x01 52 tooth cassette. Smooth shifts.